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1.Following his seventh win of the season, Hamilton extends his lead in the drivers' championship and now has 230 points. Despite his failure to score, Bottas remains second with 161 points, with Verstappen third on 147.。
2.In the eyes of many, golf is a sport that has been labeled as 'expensive'. But Feng insisted golf was a sport for all, and she said herself was an example.。
3.CHENGDU, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Henan rallied past Zhejiang 95-90 in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Friday.。
4.Jia said the league has provided some much-needed competitive action for the "Steel Roses".。
5.XI'AN, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- In an ongoing charity football tournament in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Wang Shasha impressed the spectators not only because she was the only female player on the field, but also because she was one of the best players on the field.。
6.Zhou Shuang, the chief referee of the beach football, said that the soft sand requires more stamina and frequent substitution of players, which, however, reduces the injuries instead when players fall. "More players are able to jump with a beautiful overhead scissors shot or a volley, and that's what we hope to see," said Zhou.。


1.In a video message released by the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, Bach told Chef de Missions of all national Olympic committees, "I am sure the question today in your mind is: will the athletes make their Olympic dream come true in 10 months from now? In this regard, I can reassure you that we are working at full speed with our Japanese partners and friends to ensure safe Olympic Games that are fit for the post-corona world."。
2.Having thrown away a lead three times against underdogs Turkey (3-3) seems to indicate a continuation of the team's winless 2020 record.。
3."Coutinho playing inside [left] was a modification," Tite said. "Firmino today was not the Firmino that plays for Liverpool. He was playing on the last line without trying to be involved all the time. That put him in a position to take his opportunities when they came. He scored two goals and could have had two more. It shows that we have players that can adapt depending on the situation." Enditem。
4.Fujian coach Gong Songlin emphasized the role defense played in his side's victory.。
5.In Group D, TES double killed DRX to rank first.。
6.Israel missed a dramatic equalizer in the 92nd minute, as midfielder Manor Solomon's shot hit the post.。


1.Spain kicked off their Nations League campaign with a win against Ukraine - who they play again on Tuesday - and a draw away to Germany. Luis Enrique called Switzerland a "dangerous team ... they are a brave side and they like to put you under pressure. They are strong and able to get from one area to another in very little time."。
2."We have to give ourselves credit for taking the game seriously," he said. "Despite scoring one or two early goals we continued to give our all and that's what you expect from Brazil's national team."。
3.Also on Sunday, helped by four players scoring in double digits, Sichuan defeated Henan 89-62. Enditem。
4.XI'AN, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The 2020 Xi'an Marathon will be held on November 8, organizers said on Friday.。
5.The Tipos Extraliga, like many competitions around the world, has been severely affected by Covid-19. DVTK Jegesmedvek Miskolc, the only Hungarian team playing in the Slovak premiership, announced that all of its players tested negative again and after two missed rounds entered the new season with a solid performance on home ice against the struggling title-contender Slovan Bratislava.。
6."I'm not just a female coach, I also want to be the inheritor of Chinese martial arts," said Liu, who speaks quickly and talks about her dreams with great enthusiasm.。


1、The games between the two clubs are thought the most balanced derby in Slovak basketball premiership. The previous five match-ups of these teams were also ended with no more than a 5-point difference. Enditem。
2、MADRID, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- Under normal circumstances Real Madrid forward Marco Asensio would be on international duty with Spain, but injury problems at the start of the season mean he will watch Tuesday's game against Ukraine from home.。
3、But the visitors equalized just after halftime through Pereira, who headed in his first goal of the season after a Diego Ribas set-piece.。
4、After ten rounds hold in three divisions, the first two teams from each division will compete for a ticket to Chinese Super League.。
5、"We played badly today, especially in the first quarter. We had many mistakes on the court, which was indescribable," rued Henan coach Li Jianxin. Enditem。


Bangladeshi government officials and others witnessed the installation process at a site of the bridge.!


  • 向旁 10-19

    The marathon is a two-day-event, with smaller distances reserved for Saturday, while the 42-km long main race started on Sunday at 9am local time.

  • 的金 10-18

    Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Anthony McGill both received a bye to the second round. Enditem

  • 所有 10-17

    "I am not a doctor and cannot treat them, but maybe Tai Chi can help them improve rehabilitation."

  • 以法 10-16

    BLANTYRE, Malawi, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The resumption of sporting activities in Malawi has brought a sigh of relief among players and fans. For months now, people in the country have been not been able to share special moments due to tough restrictions meant to combat COVID-19.

  • 惮谁 10-15

    Sichuan led 42-22 in paint points, and scored 15 points in fast breaks.

  • 域是 10-14

    Luis Enrique will make changes to his side on Saturday with goalkeeper David de Gea likely to replace Kepa Arrizabalaga, who will have been happy to keep a clean sheet in Lisbon after his recent troubles at Chelsea.

  • 少就 10-13

    "I am not a doctor and cannot treat them, but maybe Tai Chi can help them improve rehabilitation."

  • 古碑 10-12

    Boasting a balanced roster, Heilongjiang advanced to the playoffs in Ji's first season as the coach, which surprised her a lot.

  • 结固 10-11

    Iran sits third in Group C behind Iraq and Bahrain. Enditem

  • 直接 10-10

    Liu Jiacen pocketed a game-high 29 points and 10 rebounds. Cao Junwei led Shandong in points (26), rebounds (5), and assists (4).

  • 似不 10-09

    The famous son is the 2020 Formula 2 racing series leader.

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